TV Machine Summer 2014 Interview.

TV Machine is Chicago’s newest band with some interesting sounds. Below is our interview with the band!

Describe your sound?

We like to think of it as an interesting mash-up of all the different styles of music we like listening to. There are some hints of blues rock, funk, indie, post rock, heavy metal, alternative rock, psychedelic, and maybe ambience; its hard to describe it exactly.

Who are your musical influences?

Tom (vocals, guitar): The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, John Lennon, most of Motown

Griffin (keyboard): Foo Fighters, The Shins, The Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bryan (lead guitar): Portugal. The Man, Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, Alt-J, Pink Floyd, Justice, Broken Social Scene

Chris (bass): Ghost, The Doors, The Cult, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Deep Purple, Cream, Sir Paul McCartney, Justice

Alex (drums): Georges and The Beef S’mores, Brand New, Deafheaven, Manchester Orchestra, Slint, Boards of Canada

(and many more for all)

Where did you get your name?

Tom’s girlfriend’s sister thought it was a cool name. We had a show in a week and just went with it. Now we have a bunch of glow-in-the-dark wristbands and can’t change it!

Some of you are in other bands; how does this affect your sounds in TV Machine?

Tom’s other band is more of a recording project and everyone else is in New York so it doesn’t have an immediate effect on TV Machine at the moment. Chris is in another group as well and keeps a close eye on the schedules; it’s fun. Bryan is in a few projects, mostly 2-pieces with some of his close friends in his hometown. It doesn’t really conflict with TV Machine since they are in totally different locations, (Indiana/Chicago/Wisconsin).

Do you choose to have a different sound in each band you’re in?

It just ends up being that way. Different people play different ways and thats just human nature. We never have 2 practices that sound exactly the same, we like to keep it fresh.

What bands or musicians influenced TV Machine?

Since there are so many different influences coming into the band, we aren’t bogged down by a single sound. There is always something new coming out each time we jam.

Are you performing anywhere soon?

Not currently, we have been quite busy this summer and we plan to book some shows soon.

Who writes your songs and music?

We all like to bring things to the table. Tom so far has written all the lyrics, but the whole band collaboratively works together during this process regarding everything else.

Where can we find your music?

We have a sound cloud with a few demos on it. We plan on getting into the studio soon and get some quality recordings done this summer.
@TVMachine - Instagram
@TVMachineBand - Twitter

From The Run Around Frontman, Jason Fein:

"This a preview for a short film/documentary centered around The Jeremy Kitt Memorial show at The House of Blues on 6/21/2014. It focuses on The bands relationship with their guitarist, the struggles they’ve faced in the days since his passing what it’s like to be playing for the first time without him."

Please stay tuned for more info and a release date for this documentary. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kitt family.